Chepang Hill Trekking

This newly developed trekkking trail is just about 80 kilometer from Kathmandu and takes you into the beautiful Chitwan region.Besides the natural beauty, the trail offers cultural highlights of one of the indigenous communities of Nepal This area is home to the Chepang people who lead a semi-nomadic life and have rich cultural traditions. Thus, to visit this marginalized gr^p is to add some new form of insight on people and their way of life. You can expect to enjoy their primitive culture, their festivals, norms and, values. The trail sometimes provides you with philanthropic satisfaction as it is designed to lead through the homeland of Chepangs and their remote villages in order to generate income possibilities for them and to raise awareness about Chepang culture among foreign visitors and Nepali people.

Though the trail is more focused on cultural exploration, the natural panorama can not be ignored. You are more likely to be delighted by national parks and protected plants and animal species as well.

Highlights of Chepang hill

Newly developed trekking trail, Mountain View from Mt Dhaulagiri (8167m) to Mt Kanchenjunga, (8598m)splendid experience with rural communities. Interaction with the Che pangs. Pristine mid-hill forests. Visiting Chitwan National Park